Accepted Industries

Accepted Industries

MLM payouts, insurance payouts, micro-financing, microloans, online merchants

Our credit card, debit card, co-branded card and prepaid card programs are a useful tool for a wide variety of industries such as Forex payouts, MLM payouts, insurance payouts, micro-financing, microloans, online merchants, payment processing, discount and reward programs and many others, depending on the needs of the com[any or consumer.

Insurance Payouts

We can provide a quick and easy insurance payout system through the use of our prepaid card programs, cobranded card programs, credit card programs and debit card programs. We offer a variety of white label turnkey solutions which also allow you to share in the stream of revenue created.

Some of the many benefits which you will receive when taking part in our insurance payout programs through the use of a credit card, debit card, prepaid card or cobranded card are the benefit of unlimited upgrades, financial protection for online transactions, convenient payment processing platform, partnership agreements with ATM and retailors where Visa & MasterCard are accepted and a dedicated hosting platform that will provide you with the ultimate in security and protection.

Forex Payouts

We are a leader in the Forex payouts cobranded card industry. We can provide you with a variety of prepaid card programs to suit the needs of clients around the world. You will receive hassle free use while we provide you with dividends and Forex payments that eliminate the hassle associated with the conversion of foreign currency.

You will have the ability to quickly and easily deposit and withdrawal funds from all around the world and also have the peace of mind which comes from knowing that Forex brokers around the world accept our prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards and cobranded cards for your Forex and dividend activity. We can provide you with a variety of possibilities for you cobranded cards or prepaid cards such as multi-branded cards, cards with a zero balance, personalized cards, reloadable cards, embossed cards and white label cards depending on your needs.


We are an expert in the field of cobranded card programs which are able to suit the needs of both consumers and companies with MLM payouts. Our services are tailored to suit the needs of both MOM and Forex companies in order to help people with a part time flexible business. The processes are simplified and convenient as well as reliable providing both ease of use and peace of mind.

Our cobranded card program is a partnership which allows a variety of benefits both to MOM companies as well as consumers. Customers will appreciate the partnership with well-known credit agencies such as Visa and MasterCard and therefore this can help you to retina current customers and attract new ones due to brand loyalty.