Co Branded Card Services

Co-branded card feature the popular Visa or MasterCard logo

We offer a wide variety of integrated credit card services that are designed to help promote your company and provide numerous additional benefits as well both in the International and National market. Our co-branded card programs will help you to set your business apart from the rest by utilizing the many services which we offer. Some of the benefits you can expect to receive are to retain existing customers while also helping you to attract new customers and expand your client base.

Through the use of our many credit card, debit card, prepaid card and co-branded card services which feature the popular Visa or MasterCard logo, you can help to generate new revenue which will aid in helping to increase sales and improve your companies.

Co Branded payment program services

We also provide additional services as well such as payment and software integration, white label card programs and a complete suit e of turnkey solutions which are able to be customized and integrated into your existing business platform in order to help you to serve clients around the world.
Some of the payment programs we provide which can be specialized to your company are:

  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Full Software
  • Embossed Card programs
  • Embossed Card Programs
  • White Label Programs
  • Debit Card Programs
  • Prepaid Card Programs
  • Credit Card Programs
  • Co-Branded Card Programs

We have experience in these services which we currently provide to a wide variety of clients around the world. Some of the countries which we currently provide service to are Africa, North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, the European Union, the Caribbean and many more.
These companies already understand the many benefits which we can provide and choose to hire us for a variety of different reasons such as:

  • Membership Based Affiliations
  • Applications for Commission Payout
  • Forex Payout
  • Dividend & Incentive Payouts
  • Benefit & Loan Payouts
  • Insurance Payouts

Co-Branded Card tailored solutions

When choosing our credit card, debit card, prepaid card or co-branded card services we offer a variety of custom tailored solutions to ensure that your needs are met. You can choose from ATM cards, cards with a magnetic stripe, EMV chip cards, prepaid cards which are preloaded or with a zero balance, cards which are reloadable or non-reloadable, non-personalized or personalized cards as well as provide you with instant issues and bulk orders depending on the needs of you and your business.

Regardless of the needs of your business we offer all of the credit card solutions that you need. Choose from our debit card programs, prepaid card programs or Co-branded card programs and experience the power of the well-known Visa & MasterCard logo. We will provide you with the type of cobranded card, debit card, credit card or prepaid card which best suits your needs as well as help you with a variety of turnkey solutions which can be tailored to your needs.

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