Co-Branded Card Advantages

Benefits through the use of a cobranded card

The term co-branded card program is being heard more and more as this type of credit card grows in popularity; however, many people are still unsure of what a cobranded card is and what advantages that this type of credit card offers. Business can enjoy a variety of wonderful benefits through the use of a cobranded card such as the fact that they can increase brand recognition as well as take advantage of the free marketing which a co-branded prepaid card can offer as well.

Cobranded card with MasterCard or Visa

Because consumers can use their co-branded debit cards at locations where MasterCard or Visa are located, the logo, design or URL of the business features on the card will be viewed by many. Basically, by using a cobranded card business are able to choose to place the logo, URL or company design of their business as the prominent image on the card, while also featuring a MasterCard or Visa logo too. If your company is not already using a cobranded card as a source of free marketing, don’t you think you should check into this excellent marketing option?

Through the use of cobranding, businesses are able to join forces with the credit card company in order to enjoy the benefits of brand loyalty. There are also other rewards and incentives of a co-branded prepaid card program which consumers can enjoy such as earning reward points from purchases which can be used for a variety of things such as cash back, discounts or products. By providing consumers with incentives they are able to draw in new customers which help to boost the loyalty of both current and new cobranded card holders.

Marketing with a Co-branded card

Although a partnership is formed between the business and credit card Company, it is important for businesses to keep in mind that the credit card company is not typically in charge of marketing their cobranded card. This responsibility falls on the cobranded business so that the card will rise in popularity as time goes on. However, keep in mind that a cobranded card can be used anywhere that the MasterCard or Visa logo is accepted, and therefore will allow the company to gain exposure and marketing anywhere where the cobranded card is used. This is because the logo, design or URL chosen by the company is the primary image on the card and is easily seen.

So, if you would like a way to provide free marketing through the use of a co-branded card program please feel free to get in touch with us. We offer a wide selection of options to meet your cobranded card needs and would be happy to assist you with getting started so that you and your company can quickly begin enjoying all of the benefits which a cobranded card has to offer.

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