Co-Branded Debit Card


Benefits which a Debit card offers

Most people these days choose to carry a debit card or credit card instead of carrying cash in their wallet. Many reasons can be the cause of this; however, the biggest reason is that a debit card program allows consumers to enjoy a variety of advantages which has helped consumers to choose the debit card as their preferred type of card both in North America and abroad.  Consumers can choose from a standard debit card or a co-branded debit card program which includes the image, design or URL of the company along with the logo of Visa or MasterCard and can be used as a marketing tool.

Co Branded Debit Card Benefits

Out of the many benefits which a debit card offers, the fact that you can only spend the money which is in the account which is linked to the card is a primary advantage for many people which prevents them from overspending. A credit card on the other hand allows consumers to spend from a line of borrowed credit which will need to be paid back along with hefty interest rates. A debit card helps consumers to control spending whether they are using a standard card or a prepaid card program which allows money to be instantly added to the debit card account.

With the rise of crime in the world, carrying a debit card in place of cash can also offer peace of mind. If someone steals your purse or wallet, the debit card can be reported stolen to the issuing company and the card can instantly be shut down allowing consumers to protect their funds from unauthorized transactions. Some debit card companies also offer insurance to consumers which will replace any money which is spend by the criminal who has gotten a hold of your co-branded debit card and purchased goods or services against your will.

Security and Convenience of a card

For this reason, many people choose to place their cash onto a prepaid card program as a way to protect themselves. Besides all of these benefits, a debit card also allows consumers to enjoy a variety of conveniences such as removing money from ATM locations around the world and making quick and easy transactions both in store or online. A prepaid card which features a Visa or MasterCard logo allows consumers to use their debit card at any retailer who accepts these popular lines of credit for purchases on goods or services.

We offer a line of different debit card options to suit the needs of both businesses and consumers. If you would like further information on our debit card program, please contact us right away and we will help you out in any way we can so that you can make an education decision on the best type of debit card for you.