Membership Card

membership card or discount card

Discount cards and membership cards are both ways which companies can provide benefits to customers which help to increase brand loyalty and in the end, profits. You may also hear the term loyalty card from time to time as well. Whether you call it a loyalty card, membership card or discount card it is clear that these cards are a great way for companies to offer attractive incentives to loyal customers. Sometimes a membership card is shown in order to access a particular retail outlet as well as a way to offer discounts and other promotions which are only applicable to membership card holders.

Benefits of a membership card

Although there are commonly some fees which consumers are typically charged in order to obtain this membership card, there are a great deal of advantages which can be taken advantage of and therefore the cost of the card is offset by all of the potential benefits which membership card holders will receive. Perhaps they may offer a percentage off of your total purchase, a special discount on specific items or to store digital coupons which can be redeemed by membership card holders in stores.

There are many other great things about membership cards as well which help these cards continue to grow in popularity with consumers. Membership card holders will receive unique benefits from the merchant who offers the card that are not available to non-membership card holders like the opportunity to purchase items first or access to members online sales. Some stores even open special checkout lanes which are only for the use of membership card holders which can significantly save on time in the checkout.

Membership card cobranded program

Membership cards can also be used as a credit card if the retailor chooses to partner up with a financial institution in order to extend a line of credit to the membership card holder. However, because credit is being given, a credit check is required to ensure that the credit score of the membership card holder is within an acceptable range. If your membership card also has a line of credit attached to it, you will typically see a MasterCard or Visa logo on the bottom corner of the card.  This is made possible through the use of a cobranded card program and will feature the company’s logo prominently on the front of the card with a small Visa or MasterCard logo on the front of the card as well.

However you choose to take advantage of the many rewards that a membership card can provide, we are here to help you every step of the way. Membership cards provide great value for both consumers and businesses and are a great way to help boost brand loyalty and the bottom line of the company. If you have any questions about our membership card plans please contact us for further assistance, we would be glad to help in any way we can.

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